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DATA CENTRE / GHGT10 Amsterdam September 2010
GHGT10 Amsterdam September 2010


The In Salah team presented 18 technical papers and posters at GHGT10 in Amsterdam, more than any other CCS project group. GHGT10 is one of the main international conferences on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies. The conference has become a focal point for international research on CO₂ capture and storage.

Lessons learnt overview

In Salah CO₂ Storage JIP: Site Selection, Management, Field Development Plan and Monitoring Overview:

Authors: I.W. Wright, A.S. Mathieson, F. Riddiford, C. Bishop (BP Alternative Energy , UK).



Field studies: case studies

A Full Field Simulation of the In Salah Gas Production and CO₂ Storage Project Using a Coupled Geo-Mechanical and Thermal Fluid Flow Simulator.

Authors: R.C.Bissell (BP Alternative Energy , UK) & D. W. Vasco (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA) & M. Atbi, M. Hamdani, M. Okwelegbe (In Salah Gas Joint Venture, Algeria), M.H. Goldwater (Auric Hydrates Ltd , New Malden, Surrey, UK).



In Salah CO₂ Storage JIP: Hydromechanical Simulations of Surface Uplift due to CO₂ Injection at In Salah.

Authors: J. P. Morris (Schlumberger Doll Research Center , USA) & Y. Hao, W. Foxall, W. McNab (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , USA).



In Salah CO₂ Storage JIP: Carbon Dioxide Plume Extension Around KB-502 Well - New Insights into Reservoir Behaviour at the In Salah Storage Site.

Authors: S. Durucan, Ji-Quan Shi, C. Sinayuc, A. Korre (Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London, UK ).



In Salah CO₂ Storage JIP: CO₂ Sequestration Monitoring and Verification Technologies Applied at Krechba, Algeria.

Authors: A. Mathieson, J. Midgely, I. Wright (BP Alternative Energy , UK) & N. Saoul, P. Ringrose (Statoil , Norway).



In Salah Gas CO₂ Storage JIP: Surface Gas and Biological Monitoring.

Authors: D. G. Jones, T. R. Lister, D. J. Smith, J. M. West, P. Coombs (British Geological Survey, UK) & A. Gadalia, M. Brach (Bureau de Recherche Geologique et Miniere, France ) & A. Annunziatellisc, S. Lombardi (Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy ).



Modelling tools

Pore-scale Modelling of CO₂-Brine Flow Properties at In Salah, Algeria.

Authors: O. Lopez, N. Idowu, A. Mock, H. Rueslatten (Numerical Rocks, Norway ) & T. Boassen, S. Leary, P. Ringrose (Statoil Research Centre ).


Simulation of CO₂ Distribution at the In Salah Storage Site Using High-Resolution Field-Scale Models.

Authors: A. Cavanagh (The Permedia Research Group ) and P. Ringrose (Statoil Research Centre, Norway ).


Coupled Non-isothermal, Multiphase Fluid Flow, and Geomechanical Modeling of Ground Surface Deformations and Potential for Induced Micro-Seismicity at the In Salah CO₂ Storage Operation.

Authors: J. Rutqvist, H. Liu, D. Vasco, L. Pan, E. Majer (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , USA).


In Salah CO2 Injection Modelling: A Preliminary Approach to Predict Short Term Reservoir Behaviour.

Authors: J. Deflandre, A. Estublier, A. Baroni, J. Daniel, F. Adjémian (IFP Energies nouvelles ).


Systematic FEP and Scenario Analysis to Provide a Framework for Assessing Long-Term Performance of the Krechba CO₂ Storage System at In Salah.

Authors: A. Paulley, R. Metcalfe & L. Limer (Quintessa Limited ).



Wellbore Integrity in at the Krechba Carbon Storage Site, In Salah, Algeria: 2. Reactive Transport Modeling of Geochemical Interactions near the Cement – Formation Interface.

Authors: W.W. McNab & S. A. Carroll (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , Livermore, California, USA).



Risk assessment

Evaluation of Risk Assessment Methodologies Using the In Salah CO₂ Storage Project as a Case History.

Authors: K. Dodds (BP Alternative Energy , USA) & M. Watson, I. Wright (BP Alternative Energy, UK).



Leakage Risk Assessment of the In Salah CO₂ Storage Project: Applying the Certification Framework in a Dynamic Context.

Authors: C.M. Oldenburg, P. D. Jordan, A. Mazzoldi (Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ) & J. Nicot (Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, Austin ) & A. K. Gupta, and S. L. Bryant (Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department, University of Texas, Austin ).




Characterisation of the Krechba CO₂ Storage Site: Critical Elements Controlling Injection Performance.

Authors: M. Iding, S. Østmo, P. Ringrose, (Statoil , Norway), D. Roberts, C.M. Gibson-Poole, S.Raikes (BP Alternative Energy , UK) & C. Bond, R. Wightman (Midland Valley Exploration Ltd , UK) & M.Taylor (In Salah Gas Joint Industry Project, Algeria).



Characterising and Predicting Short Term Performance for In Salah Krechba Field CCS Joint Industry Project.

Authors: Y. Pamukcu, S. Hurter (Schlumberger Carbon Services, Australia) & L. Jammes (Schlumberger Carbon Services , France) & D. Vu-Hoang, L. Pekot (Etudes et Productions Schlumberger, France ).


Assessment of Fracture Connectivity and Potential for CO₂ Migration through the Reservoir and Lower Caprock at the In Salah Storage Site.

Authors: J. Smith, S. Durucan, A. Korre, J. Shi, C. Sinayuc (Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London, UK ).