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In Salah
Industrial-scale CCS in action

In Salah, an industrial-scale CCS project in Algeria has been in operation since 2004. More than three million tonnes of CO₂, separated during gas production, have been securely stored in a deep saline formation.

The In Salah project is of global significance; providing assurance that secure industrial-scale geological storage of CO₂ is a viable option for climate change mitigation. The project is supported by the US Department of Energy and the EU. The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum has identified In Salah as one of the most important industrial-scale CCS initiatives globally – helping to counter the view that the technology is not yet proven.



  • award
    In Salah receives CSLF Global Achievement Award

    The In Salah CO2 Storage Project has received a Global Achievement Award from the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF). The project has been recognized for its advanced scientific research and its efforts to share knowledge. Mr Keddam, President In Salah Gas, speaking at the opening ceremony after accepting the CSLF Global Recognition Award in Beijing, September 2011.

    CO₂ natural trapping mechanisms

    Oil and gas has remained underground for millions of years. The same natural conditions allow injected CO₂ to be stored securely. Click here to read more

  • Clean Development Mechanism – Methodology proposal submitted

    The In Salah Gas Joint Venture has submitted a proposal for including carbon dioxide capture and geological storage (CCS) technologies in the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Click here to read more

    In Salah – Countering CCS misconceptions

    “There are no industrial-scale examples of CCS happening in the world”. In Salah captures and stores CO2 from natural gas production in Algeria.  Click here to read more

  • Cost-effective CO₂ monitoring technologies

    The extensive CO₂ monitoring programme at In Salah demonstrates how industrial-scale CO₂ geological storage can be a secure, effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Click here to read more

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